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! Please note that those pages are not intended to be what our Official Documentation will look like, but a rather a quick response to all your enthusiasm in using the new HTCondor cluster !

Changes in the cluster:

  • OS: EL7 flavor (CentOS7)
  • Batch System: HTCondor v8.9.8
  • Computing Element: HTCondor-ce
  • Mass Storage: /pnfs is now accessible using posix nfs in read/write mode

HTCondor features Documentation:

! Important !
/user and /pnfs are both accessible everywhere on the cluster.
So there is no need to use HTCondor transfer features when submitting jobs to transfer files to/from any of those 2 directories. Just call/copy them directly from within your jobs.

You have 2 ways to copy files:

  • should_transfer_files = YES: [not recommended] that will copy everything not mentionned in your .sub files along with the .out & .err logs. So you need to remove all files you don't want copied before your job ends (like unneeded inputs, intermediary file, etc)
  • should_transfer_files = NO: you need to copy files yourself within your job script. You can easilly copy files to /user & /pnfs with a simple cp, or grid tools if you prefer.

Known Issues
  • issue: does not affect your job
  • $HOME: it is not defined (yet), so calling anything with it will fail