Getting a certificate for the T2

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If you need grid access on the T2, please follow all the steps below:

  1. Get a Grid certificate (new).
    • NB: for now, this does not work for users from UGent. Get a CERN certificate for that.
    • If you already have a CERN grid certificate and are associated to a Belgian university, you can temporarily use the CERN certificate. But, for accounting reasons, we need you to get a Belgian certificate.
    • If you are not from a Belgian institute, request a certificate through your national institute.
  2. Put your certificate on the UIs
  3. Register to the VO
    !!! In case you already have an old certificate registered to the VO, read this page on how to deal with it !!!
  4. Send a mail to the T2B support ( with your DN in order to have write access on the T2.
    • You can find it via the following commands on the cluster, once your certificate has been installed there:
voms-proxy-info --identity
Send us the result of the last command

5. Check if everything works fine on the mX machines