Getting a certificate for the T2

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If you need grid access on the T2, please follow all the steps below:

  1. Get a Grid certificate (new).
    • If you already have a CERN grid certificate and are associated to a Belgian university, you can temporarily use the CERN certificate. But, for accounting reasons, we need you to get a Belgian certificate.
    • If you are not from a Belgian institute, request a certificate through your national institute.
  2. Extract your certificate from your browser: Chrome | Firefox
  3. Put your certificate on the UIs
  4. Register to the VO
  5. Send a mail to the T2B support ( with your DN in order to have write access on the T2.
    • You can find it via the following commands on the cluster, once your certificate has been installed there:
voms-proxy-info --identity

Send us the result of the last command

  1. Check if everything works fine on the mX machines