What if your DN has changed?

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In case you get a new certificate and your DN has changed, you need to update the relevant services you use.

  1. Notify the T2B admins
    • Without the correct DN, you will not be able to write into our mass storage system. So send us an email with your new DN.
    • The DN can be found with this command:
    • voms-proxy-info --identiy
  2. Notify your VO
    • There is a url for each experiment where you need to add you new DN. Its very important that your old DN is still valid when you do this. If not, you will need to register again.
    • Follow the relevant links:
    • CMS
    • IceCube
    • Solid
  3. Extra step for CMS users
    • If you have a cern account, you should also update the CERN resources page
    • All info can be found here