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CMSSW Deployment Home

A Very Quick Guide To CMSSW Deployment

Before Each Deployment

  • login on as cmssw
  • create a proxy:
source yourname
  This command changes the current directory to the release-installer area

What To Do If ...

  • a new version of CMSSW is released or an old version is deprecated:
      • submit installation/removal jobs
ri -s
      • Check the job status.
ri -l
      • Retrieve (Fetch) the output of the installation jobs:
ri -f
     The output is stored in 
     <JOBSTATUS> is the status of the job
<CE> is de site ce name
<TIMESTAMP is the time of submission in the format yyyy-mm-dd_T_hh_mm_ss
  • you want to know where and which releases have to be installed/removed
ri -d
  • a site needs manual intervention
ri -d
  This command will also show which sites need manual intervention. If this is the case, there exists a directory
  where CE is de site's CE name.
Go through the output, solve the problem. Open, if useful, a Savannah Ticket. Once the problem is solved, remove the direcory
  • a site makes a special request to remove, add or keep a specific release.
  Edit the file manual_install_requests.xml and submit to the site(s)
emacs -nw manual_install_requests.xml
ri -c CE1,CE2 -s

  • you're not sure what to do:
  a help page will be displayed