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Upgrade Dcache Pool (180 REF)

  • To upgrade a dcache pool from 180 to 195 the following steps work on pool-shadow testbed:
  • Stop all dCache Components
/opt/d-cache/bin/dcache stop
  • Download the RPMs
wget http://www.dcache.org/downloads/1.9/dcache-server-1.9.5-29.noarch.rpm
scp ccq:/root/Joris/dcache-srmclient-1.9.5-23.noarch.rpm .
  • Upgrade the RPMs
rpm -Uvh dcache-server-1.9.5-29.noarch.rpm
rpm -Uvh dcache-srmclient-1.9.5-23.noarch.rpm
  • Adapt the following files to point to the correct headnode
  • Run install script
  • Start dCache components
/opt/d-cache/bin/dcache start