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How to get the code

The Top Quark Analysis code as we will develop in Brussels will be part of the Top-package in the CMSSW-software. Every stable version of this code should be accessible by means of the central CVS-server from CERN. However, for daily development, a CVS server is setup in Brussels. In order to get a recent version of the code, you should:

    • login to the lxpub2 or lxpub3 machine
  e.g: ssh -X
    • make sure the CMS software is sourced
  setenv VO_CMS_SW_DIR /msa3/cmssoft
  source $VO_CMS_SW_DIR/cmsset_default.csh ## initialiseert de cms env
    • get a recent CMSSW workspace (CMSSW_1_2_0) in your /beo5/username directory
  scramv1 p CMSSW CMSSW_1_2_0; cd CMSSW_1_2_0/src
    • make a symlink to this latest version
  in /beo5/<tt>uname</tt>, type 'ln -s CMSSW_1_2_0 CMSSW'
    • set the path's to the Brussels' CVS server
  export CVS_RSH=/usr/bin/ssh
  export CVSROOT=:pserver:<tt>uname</tt>
    • login to this server
  cvs login (and type your normal lxpub password)
 (these two lines might be put your .bashrc)
    • get the Top -code from the Brussels' CVS server
  cvs co -r Top_1_0 Top
    • compile the code
  scramv1 b
    • make your own library
  look in e.g. TtObjectResolutions to have an example on how to do this

As you will notice, you will have to change all the PATH's in your header files when importing your code into the new framework. Another important difference is the extraction of the KinFit package to a standalone library. Now scramv1 b will as well take care of the compilation of this package.

For the moment, only Jan Heyninck is supposed to commit changes to the code. In near future however, everyone should be able to do this. This means that if you would like to add a feature to the code, or you have found a bug, this is send on the top quark mailing list.
Get the code from global dbs

    • make sure the CMS software is sourced
    • set the path
  setenv CVSROOT
    • login to this server
  cvs login (and type following password: 98passwd)
    • go in the source directory and type
  cvs co TopQuarkAnalysis 

Some useful cvs commands

still to add


A Ttbar doxygen documentation page is available and similar to the global CMSSW-software page. This page is updated each night, and is meant to be a never ending work-in-progress, where everyone should contribute! To know how to add documentation, compare the content of the doc directories in the Top-code subdirectories with what you see on the doxygen page.

Running your analysis on the locally produced Ttbar sample

If you want to run on the 200k of inclusive Ttbar reco data, please find the ROOT-files in:


If you want to access the 200k of semileptonic Ttbar events, a list of ROOT-files can be found in:



Frequently Asked Questions