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T2B Support Guideline


  • All documentation about the T2B is centralised on these wiki pages.
  • Feel free to adapt/extend/correct information on this wiki.
  • Login access is granted by a valid grid certificate.
    • If someone from outside the Belgian community needs write access, please send an email to the belgian-t2-admin mailing list.
  • Unauthorised access is possible for reading only.

Mailing list

  • Communication with the system administrators and the T2B user community happens through following mailing lists
  • It is encouraged to use the user mailing lists, this to allow a better circulation of information.
  • belgian-t2-usersATcern.ch : this lists all users and admins of the T2B.
    • Use this list for announcements, to report problems etc.
    • You need to be subscribed to this list to submit to it.
    • Subscribe to this list on this link.
    • More info on CERN simba subscription (to be used in case of problems).
  • belgian-t2-adminATcern.ch : this lists all admins of the T2B.
    • Use this list for communication with the admins only.

Status of the system

  • Consult this page to have an overview of the current status of the site

The T2B system administrators

  • This team with diverse physics and computing backgrounds is responsible for the optimal functioning of the T2B.
  • Their tasks are operating, developing and troubleshooting the system and providing support for the T2B user community.
  • In case of questions and remarks don't hesitate to contact us.