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To be independent of the ETF testing machine, it is sometimes handy to be able to run them locally, or at least from another machine.
The reference at cern for this page is here for GSIftp and here for Webdav


The tests are now in /group/admin/ETFTests. This is a git repo, so it would be a good idea to run do a git pull before executing them.


You need a proxy certificate with CMS VOMS extension and a generic certificate of a person that is not a member of CMS or has no CMS VOMS extension.

voms-proxy-init --out ~/x509no
voms-proxy-init --voms cms --out ~/x509vo

As the tests depend on external libraries we have not installed on the M-machines:

export PYTHONPATH=/group/admin/ETFTests/site-packages/

Next, run them

cd /group/admin/ETFTests/cmssam/SiteTests/SE/
./ -H -E -X ~/x509vo -N ~/x509no -T RD3PCP /pnfs/iihe/cms/ph/sc4/store/mc/SAM/ -T WRDEL3PCP /pnfs/iihe/cms/store/user/odevroed/SAM/Probe -C /dev/null

Replace the location of the proxy (x509up) with your own one.

Running tests against other sites

A list of T2 sites in CMS is provided by the experiment. But the URL and base directory of the SE is found in the CMS vo-feed.