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Mail notification

Requirement : the postfix daemon must be running on port 25.

Log in as an admin user, go to the "Control Panel", and in the vertical menu on the left, in section "Portal", click on "Portal settings". In the menu on the right, click on "Email Notifications", and then change the email address of the sender (by default it is test@liferay.com, put a real valid email from VUB instead).

Notification of admins by email upon account creation

We haven't found a proper way in Liferay to automatically send an email to admins when a new account is created. To workaround the problem, we have created a script that checks every 15' minutes the portal database, to see if a new account has been created...


Login through LDAP

The goal is to allow all users that already have an account in our freeipa system to be able to login to the portal. To activate LDAP authentication, log in as admin of the portal, go to "Control Panel", in "Portal Settings", and click on "Authentication" on the menu on the right side. You see the different authentication methods (General, LDAP, CAS,...) : click on LDAP, check the checkbox "Enabled", and in the "LDAP servers" section, click on "Add" and give the following information :

  • Server name : freeipa.wn.iihe.ac.be
  • Base provider URL : ldap://freeipa.wn.iihe.ac.be:389
  • Base DN : dc=wn,dc=iihe,dc=ac,dc=be
  • Principal : uid=admin,ou=system
  • Credentials : guess what

Test the connexion by clicking on the "Test LDAP Connexion" button.

In the "Users" section :

  • Authentication Search Filter : (mail=@email_address@)
  • Import Search Filter : (objectClass=person)
  • Screen Name : uid
  • Password : userPassword
  • Email Address : mail
  • First Name : givenName
  • Last Name : sn
  • Job Title : title

These values are in fact the default values, except for "Screen Name" : set to "uid" instead of "cn". Click on the "Test LDAP Users" button to check...

For the rest of the sections, you can keep the default values.

Click on "Save" button at the bottom of the screen.