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first use:

lists all files in a directory and their pnfsid and the pool they reside on
Mandatory options:
--directory=           : directory to investigate
--pool=                : show only files that match the pool regexp
-h, --help             : print this help message

example use:

./ --directory=/pnfs/iihe/cms/store/user/gvonsem/Skimmed-TopTrees/VLQ_MuonSkim_53X_v5_DataTopTreeId3446_Run2012C-22Jan2013-v1/13072013_122423/
files in /pnfs/iihe/cms/store/user/gvonsem/Skimmed-TopTrees/VLQ_MuonSkim_53X_v5_DataTopTreeId3446_Run2012C-22Jan2013-v1/13072013_122423/:
TopTree_Skimmed_278.root        00110000000000000CE4CF68        behar082_5
TopTree_Skimmed_172.root        00110000000000000CE48570        behar030_1
TopTree_Skimmed_244.root        00110000000000000CE4B708        behar070_2
TopTree_Skimmed_316.root        00110000000000000CE4E340        behar070_2
skim.xml        00110000000000000CE35DD8        behar080_2
TopTree_Skimmed_24.root 00110000000000000CE37E40        behar033_1
TopTree_Skimmed_197.root        00110000000000000CE49288        behar080_2
TopTree_Skimmed_210.root        00110000000000000CE49FD0        behar082_3
TopTree_Skimmed_269.root        00110000000000000CE4C680        behar082_2


./ --directory=/pnfs/iihe/cms/store/user/gvonsem/Skimmed-TopTrees/VLQ_MuonSkim_53X_v5_DataTopTreeId3446_Run2012C-22Jan2013-v1/13072013_122423/ --pool=behar034
files in /pnfs/iihe/cms/store/user/gvonsem/Skimmed-TopTrees/VLQ_MuonSkim_53X_v5_DataTopTreeId3446_Run2012C-22Jan2013-v1/13072013_122423/:
TopTree_Skimmed_387.root        00110000000000000CE51548        behar034_2
TopTree_Skimmed_400.root        00110000000000000CE52130        behar034_2
TopTree_Skimmed_416.root        00110000000000000CE52B70        behar034_2
TopTree_Skimmed_297.root        00110000000000000CE4DB20        behar034_2
TopTree_Skimmed_310.root        00110000000000000CE4DE70        behar034_1
TopTree_Skimmed_191.root        00110000000000000CE49268        behar034_2

This script also creates the file "selectedFiles" containing all the files in the directory.
It also shows the pnfsid and the pool the file resides on.
You can select only the files in pools matching a certain pattern by adding the --pool= option.
The resulting files are also written to the "selectedFiles" file.
this file can then be used as input for the next script to move them to a different pool.

Mandatory options:
--destination         : destination pool
--file                : file to be moved
--fileList            : file contining list of files to be moved
-h, --help            : print this help message

example use:

./ --fileList=selectedFiles --destination=behar080_2

Will move 00110000000000000CE35DD8 from behar034_2 to behar080_2

[] (local) admin > cd behar034_2

[] (behar034_2) admin > migration move -pnfsid=00110000000000000CE35DD8 behar080_2

[2] INITIALIZING migration move -pnfsid=00110000000000000CE35DD8 -- behar080_2