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IPython is an interactive Python environment. Coupled with the "notebook" module, it provides a rich web interface.

Launch a notebook

  1. Connect to the cluster.
  2. Load an environment :
    IPython notebook is available on the cluster in 2 environments : the custom build and CVMFS.
    • To load from CVMFS :
      See IceCube_software#CVMFS
    • To load from the custom build [deprecated] :
      source /software/sources/latestEnvironment.source
  3. Launch a notebook to which you will later connect to from your laptop:
    ipython notebook --no-browser --pylab inline
    When launching the notebook, the system will create a dedicated server for you. It will be running on a specific port chosen by the notebook itself.
    The launcher reports this port in the following way:
    The IPython Notebook is running at:
    • The port number [PORT_NUMBER] you need is the number coming after the colon (:).
    • The m-machine [M-MACHINE] is the machine where you launched the notebook.
  4. Open a new terminal on your laptop and create a tunnel to the machine where you instantiated the notebook. Fill in the correct port number in the following command:
    ssh -L PORT_NUMBER:localhost:PORT_NUMBER M-MACHINE.iihe.ac.be
  5. The tunneled notebook is available in your browser by opening the url : http://localhost:PORT_NUMBER