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Info exchange

Page for exchange of information on the coordinated Belgian Higgs analysis effort

== CERN H->ZZ->l+l-nunu analysis

EPS analysis:

CMS AN 2011-119

Pedro Silva and CMG root trees in Brussels (m machines): July 29, 2011: ~vanlaer/higgs/HZZ_ntuples/


Until April 14 2011

/SingleElectron/Run2011A-PromptReco-v1/AOD (for tag-and-probe)

From April 15 2011 on (available on Brussels T2)

/SingleElectron/Run2011A-PromptReco-v2/AOD (for tag-and-probe)


Skims are located at DBS instance cms_dbs_ph_analysis_02.

HEEP Skim: 1GSF electron + additional supercluster with Et > 20 GeV: /SingleElectron/threus-SingleElectron-Run2011A-PromptReco-v1-AOD-HEEPSkimOneGSFEleEt15HoE0.1-2ndSCEt20-Cert_160404-161216_7TeV_PromptReco_Collisions11_JSON-5dd39a99f418d98d2fdd39eaf145df25/USER

Analysis codes

Antwerpen QCD and H->WW->lnulnu analysis

Louvain Z+b analysis

CMSSW_3_9_9 and the following packages:

  • V00-03-00 ElectroWeakAnalysis/WENu
  • V08-03-10 PhysicsTools/PatAlgos
  • V00-03-19 RecoEgamma/ElectronIdentification
  • V1_1 UserCode/zbb_louvain

Brussels Z' analysis

Skims and root tree production in CMSSW_4_1_2

  • cvs co UserCode/HEEPSkims

CMSSW_3_8 high-ET electron definition and selection