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A simple local submission test

You must first login to a user interface (testumd-ui01.wn). Don't forget to switch to an ordinary user if you reached the user interface as root!

Create a sub file. Here is an example (sleep.sub):

executable              =
log                     = sleep.log
output                  = outfile.txt
error                   = errors.txt
should_transfer_files   = Yes
when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT
request_memory          = 2048
request_cpus            = 1
#request_disk            = 10240

You must then create the mentioned

# file name:
echo "sleeping for $TIMETOWAIT seconds"
/bin/sleep $TIMETOWAIT
/usr/bin/hostname -f

You can now submit the job:

condor_submit sleep.sub

Check the status of the job with the command:


In case of troubles, you can have a look at the log file mentioned in the *.sub (sleep.log in this example).

When the job is finished, you should find the output (outfile.txt) and error (errors.txt) files in the current directory.

The official documentation explaining in details job submission is available here.