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List of online workernodes

condor_status -server

To put a node in draining

condor_drain <name_of_workernode>

Add the "-cancel" option to stop the draining.

Summary of the users and their jobs

condor_status -submitters

Get a list of jobs and where they are running

condor_q -run

Note: you must be on the CE to get the workernodes

Get the list of jobs on a given worker

List of jobs on

condor_q -constraint 'regexp(".*", RemoteHost)'

Get the list of jobs in a given status

If you want to see jobs in run status (JobStatus == 2):

condor_q -constraint "JobStatus == 2" -nobatch

(-nobatch is to split the list when you submit a batch of jobs with queue > 1)

Here is the list of job statuses:

0 Unexpanded
1 Idle
2 Running
3 Removed
4 Completed
5 Held
6 Submission err

View details about a job

condor_q -l <jobid>

Get info on a finished job

condor_history [-long] <jobid>


condor_history -constraint 'Owner == "sgerard" && JobStatus ==4' -limit 10

->you'll get the list, limited to 10, of completed jobs of user sgerard

Why a job is on hold?

condor_q -hold -af HoldReason <jobid>

Why a job stays in idle status?

condor_q -better-analyze <jobid>
condor_q -better-analyze -reverse <jobid>