HEEP Analysis Framework

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How to get the code

The HEEP analysis framework developed in Brussels contains CMSSW code to analyse events with high-energy electron pairs (heavy resonances, Drell-Yan, backgrounds from jets and W+jets). The code is shared among the Belgian team through a local CVS server and runs with CMSSW versions >160. To get the code you should

    • login to the master machine
  e.g: ssh -X <tt>whoami</tt>@master.iihe.ac.be
    • setup a CMSSW160 working environment as described on the Belgian Tier-2 Wiki

for CMSSW versions >150. Remember that you have to work in bash shell on master for the moment.

    • specify the HEEP code server and login to it
  export CVSROOT=:pserver:<tt>whoami</tt>@w3.iihe.ac.be:/home/cvs/cms
  cvs login

Password is: heep;123

    • checkout the code of the Brussels Analysis Code for HEEP (BACH)
  cvs co HEEP/BACH
    • compile the code
  scramv1 b