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CRAB submission to the GRID


  • This page describes details about the usage of CRAB at the IIHE. This page does not aim to explain CRAB.
  • For general information on how to use Crab, we strongly advise you to go to the following link and also this one
  • In case of troubles with CRAB, before sending a mail to the T2 admins or to the "Crab Feedback" Hypernews mailing list, please read this
  • More information on running with crab on the grid can be found in the CMS workbook
  • A list with Frequently Asked Questions can be found here
  • Please subscribe to and to for staying up to date on problems and developments


CMSSW environment

  • CMSSW enviroment is under variable VO_CMS_SW_DIR is the correct release. (This also means that this variable will not have to be set manually anymore)
source $VO_CMS_SW_DIR/
source $VO_CMS_SW_DIR/cmsset_default.csh

Crab environment

CRAB is available under cvmfs

  • For CRAB3
source /cvmfs/
source /cvmfs/
  • For CRAB2 (almost deprecated)
source /cvmfs/
source /cvmfs/

Data Publication

You'll find all information [here]

Using the crab server or not: only for CRAB2

  • According to the Crab software guide it is recommended to use the crab server.
  • In most crab tutorials you will see that you are given the choice between using the glite with our without the server. Although there is a 3rd possibility. If you read the crab FAQ you will see a short comparison on using the glite-server or the glidein-server.

Comments and FAQ

  • autocompletion with csh doesn't seem to work
    • actually, is seems to work as intended
    • TAB only completes unambigous prefixes
    • use CTRL-D to list all possible matches
  • as the old /user is not mounted, you will need to recreate the $HOME/.globus directory and copy your usercert.pem and userkey.pem files.
    • don't forget to check the permissions of the files.