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Data samples available at Belgian Tier-2

DBS data blocks at ULB/VUB

DBS data blocks at UCL

PhEDEx subscriptions at UCL and ULB/VUB

PhEDEx replicas at UCL and ULB/VUB

Estimated requirements

Period Data sample description Data tier Size Group Analysis type Comments

now - 12/2007 re-reco jet data RECO 10 HEEP trigger studies 5 TB could be deleted soon

locally produced results 3 HEEP

FastSim studies 3 Top

Total: min. 11 TB / max. 16 TB

08/2007 - 03/2008 official skims from the SM cocktail RECO 7 HEEP includes 5 TB of bkg samples

re-reco tests and smaller private skims RECO 3 HEEP

official EM-enriched jet background RECO 5 HEEP jet bkg studies

FastSim studies 10 Top

tt semileptonic ?? Top

official skims for the SM Higgs group RECO 1 Higgs H->WW*->2l2v

WW, ZZ and WZ incl. samples RECO 4 Higgs H->WW*->2l2v

high mass di-EM skim ?? SUSY BSM

WW->2mu2v, Z->2mu, Z->2tau->2mu2v ?? Diff/Fwd

W+Njets for N=2,3,4 ?? Diff/Fwd

WWj, Wbbj ?? Diff/Fwd

single top t and s channel ?? Diff/Fwd

background: MB/QCD low-pt ?? Diff/Fwd

forward jets and DY/Z->2e ?? Diff/Fwd

Single diffraction with rapidity gaps (ZDC) ?? Diff/Fwd

DY/Z->ee ?? EWK

Total: min. 33 TB / max. 43 TB

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