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This wiki page is intended to help admins debugging dCache issues.

Tracking pnfs id and pool for a specific file

  • Login to the admin console
[root@maite ~]# ssh -F /root/.ssh/dcache_admin_config admin@localhost

    dCache Admin (VII) (user=admin)

[maite.iihe.ac.be] (local) admin > 
  • Copy the file with dccp and check in PoolManager the status of the transfer. In our case, something is bad with pnfsid 000C00000000000000D4D6F8
[maite.iihe.ac.be] (local) admin > cd PoolManager
[maite.iihe.ac.be] (PoolManager) admin > rc ls
000C00000000000000D4D6F8@*/* m=9 r=1 [<unknown>] [Suspended (pool unavailable) 08.19 10:01:01] {0,}
  • Another way to know the pnfsid of a file is to run:
[maite.iihe.ac.be] (local) admin > pnfs map /pnfs/iihe/cms/ph/sc4/store/mc/2007/11/13/CSA07-tt0j_mT_70-alpgen-3545/0005/064A4D43-7DC3-DC11-B586-0030487C116E.root
  • Or yet another way, in PnfsManager
[maite.iihe.ac.be] (PnfsManager) admin > pnfsidof /pnfs/iihe/cms/ph/sc4/store/mc/2007/11/13/CSA07-tt0j_mT_70-alpgen-3545/0005/064A4D43-7DC3-DC11-B586-0030487C116E.root
  • In PnfsManager, using the pnfsid you can locate the pool that stores physically the file by running:
[maite.iihe.ac.be] (PnfsManager) admin > cacheinfoof 000C00000000000000D4D6F8
  • The command cd will not work to leave go back to admin
  • Looking into each machine explicitly
[beharX.iihe.ac.be] > ls /storage/[1,2,3]/pool/data/0011000000000000032CC250

Setting the verbosity level of dCache

The procedure to increase the log level can be found in the [dcache workbook https://www.dcache.org/manuals/Book-2.12/config/cf-tss-monitor-fhs.shtml]

The different cells can be found in the files in /usr/share/dcache/defaults/
the command is: grep "cell\.name" *

srm domain: SRM-maite
nfs domain: NFS-maite
xrootd:     Xrootd-maite