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How basic validation works

  • CRAB validation is twofold in the sense that you have client and server parts.
  • Keeping in touch with the integration and development teams, you will learn for each new client release on which servers it has to be tested.
  • In fact, there exists servers dedicated for tests and where the latest pre-release version of CRABSERVER (CS) is installed.
  • Each new release is announced on the "CRAB development" Hypernews forum and it is installed at CERN in /afs/
  • If you want to test it from IIHE T2, you just have to follow the installation procedure described here.
  • Basic validation means that only the basic features are to be tested.
  • You will find on this page more details on what is to be tested.
  • On this, you will see that each release is checked in three different ways : standalone (no CS), with CS+glite, and with CS+glidein.
  • This page is also where results of validation tests are to be collected.
  • It is important to update it and to inform the development team about the results after each validation campaign.

The validation framework

To avoid repetitive tasks during the validation, a framework is being developed. The goal of this framework is to check all the basic CRAB commands in a single run.

If you want to try this, follow these steps :

  1. Check out the project :
cvs co COMP/INTEGRATION/crabvalidation
Note : if working from a UI at IIHE, you must set up your CVS environment as described  here.
2. Unpack and build the project :
cmsrel CMSSW_X_Y_Z
cp COMP/INTEGRATION/crabvalidation/* ./CMSSW_X_Y_Z/src/
cd ./CMSSW_X_Y_Z/src
tar xvzf CMSSW-Demo.tgz
cd ./Demo/DemoAnalyzer/
scram b
cd ../..
Remark: In case you want to test the 64bit you have to set 
export SCRAM_ARCH=slc5_amd64_gcc434 
3. Adapt the crab.cfg (at least change the SE).
4. Do what you usually do before submitting jobs with CRAB. At IIHE, it looks like that :
source $VO_CMS_SW_DIR/
source /user/cmssoft/crab/CRAB_2_7_4_pre2/
5. Run the validation script :
./ -server slc5ucsd -scheduler glite
In this example, we are testing CRAB client 2_7_4_pre2 on the CRABSERVER slc5ucsd with glite as scheduler. More info on the Release validation suite can be found here here.
Some of the commands to be run
./ -printToFile standaloneglite
./ -server slc5cern -printToFile serverglite
./ -server slc5cern -scheduler glidein -printToFile serverglidein
./ -printToFile standaloneglite -checkResubmission
./ -server slc5cern -printToFile serverglite -checkResubmission
./ -server slc5cern -scheduler glidein -printToFile serverglidein -checkResubmission

Re-using the validation framework to test the locally adapted CRAB for PBS submission

  • Example configuration files, based on the validation suite above, can be here:

CRAB3 testing with WMAgent