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How to connect without password to lxplus

  • The CERN wiki page is here
  • On ubuntu, you need to:
    • install kerberos
sudo apt-get install krb5-user
with domain: CERN.CH
  • Copy to /etc/krb5.conf the config file taken from CERN here.
  • Do a kinit . It should ask you for you CERN password, specifying yourlogin@CERN.CH. If this is wrong, specify it yourself with kinit yourlogin@CERN.CH
This should give you a valid kerberos ticket lasting 25h, meaning you will be able to connect passwordlessly to lxplus as long as the kerberos ticket is valid.
To check if this worked, do a klist -f. Check the Flags, there should be an F, meaning you will have access to your /afs space.
  • Connect to lxplus using the following ssh options (replace MYLOGIN with the CERN login):
ssh -2 -oGSSAPIAuthentication=yes -oGSSAPIDelegateCredentials=yes -oGSSAPITrustDNS=yes -l MYLOGIN

  • From the UIs, you should simply do:
ssh -2 -oGSSAPIAuthentication=yes -oGSSAPIDelegateCredentials=yes -oGSSAPITrustDNS=yes -oStrictHostKeyChecking=no -l $USER $(nslookup|grep Address|sed -n 2,2p|awk -F':' '{print $2}')

How to copy data from disk (eg. beo5) to you space at lxplus?

Use secure copy: scp

scp  'uname' 'uname' 

How to print from lxplus when you're in building 40

Command to print

lpr -P 40-4B-COR ....