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This is only a quick first draft for you to learn more on how to use HTCondor.

Status of Machine Migration to the New Cluster

  • User Interfaces (UI): m2, m3, m6, m7
  • Worker nodes: ~10700 slots

File Transfers

Please note that contrary to what is usually shown in documentation and examples, we recommend not using HTCondor file transfer mechanisms (should_transfer_files = NO) and copy files yourself within your script.

HTCondor Official Documentation

Have a look at the official User Manual on the HTCondor website.
It is very well done and explains all available features.

HTCondor Workshop Presentation

Every 6 months, there is an HTCondor workshop. Presentations are usually very helpfull, especially if you want to go into details of HTCondor (API, DAGMan, ...). You can find the agenda of the latest one here

For new users, we recommend following this presentation, that should give you an idea of how to submit jobs.

Self-learning material

For real beginners that want to learn the basics of job submission on a HTCondor cluster, some exercises are proposed on this Wiki.